A Letter From Our CEO: Updates Of Product Delivery & Customer Support

To every SafePal user,

Earlier this week, a new batch of SafePal S1 hardware wallets has arrived at our warehouse, and the logistics team immediately started to process the product shipment as fast as they can. Based on our calculation, the new batch of products can cover the orders placed before March 2nd (including March 2nd).

Yet this is far from being enough. Thousands of orders placed after March 3rd are still waiting for fulfillment. According to our estimation, the fastest time to get the next batch ready will be in late May. Reasons will be explained in the first part of this letter.

This is not the only challenge we are facing with. Throughout the last 100 days, the SafePal user base has grown 10 times, and the SafePal App download has exceeded 1.4 million. Our support system and back-end architecture are facing unprecedented challenges to maintain in-time customer support and stable system performance. Our email system is backlogged, and it happened several times when the servers were crashed due to the overwhelming traffic during the token airdrops and WHO campaigns.

I want to say sorry to all those customers and users who have been waiting for the product delivery and email support. It is our responsibility to make sure every user is well served with responsive support and timely product delivery. We owe you this, and we are working hard to improve the user experience from every perspective.

In the meantime, we feel necessary to keep you updated about the latest status of product delivery and customer support improvements. In this letter, I will share the challenges we are facing, and the actions we have taken to solve the difficulties that lie ahead.

A closer look into the product delivery challenge

Since last November, an unprecedented chipset shortage has hit the semiconductor industry. As reported by The Guardian, the global shortage of computer chips has reached a crisis point. The chipset shortage is an outcome of a series of factors including the pandemic, geopolitics, 5G evolution, etc. Car manufacturers, the 3C industry, and the whole semiconductor industry are severely impacted by this global chipset shortage, including us.

The direct impact caused by this shortage resulted in our production capacities being hindered due to the lack of chipsets, even if all the other components are ready and waiting on the production line. We believe this is a common challenge lying ahead for every hardware company.

Right now, we are taking strong actions to confront the challenge. The procurement team has been doing their best to stock up the chipsets with a 15X or even higher price tag, even if that means we could lose money by selling the products. Till now, we have successfully locked up the quantity we need to fulfill the remaining orders and the future orders to come.

We will keep every customer updated about the order status in time. Rest assured that we will do our best to deliver the products, and make sure everyone can enjoy the secure and user-friendly crypto guardian from the SafePal S1 Hardware Wallet. Thank you for your patience and understanding, your continued support means alot to us at SafePal.

An update of the customer support service

Due to the rapid growth of the user base in the last 3 months, our incoming email inquiry has grown 10 times compared to the average level last year. A lot of users have complained about not receiving in-time replies from our customer support channel.

On behalf of the team, I’d like to sincerely apologize for every inconvenience caused by the delayed email replies. We are committed to providing the best customer support to serve every user, and here are the actions we are taking to improve the CS experience:

  • – AI bot implementation: When users visit the www.safepal.io homepage, they will find a blue “Help” button at the corner of the website. By clicking the “Help” button, an AI bot will pop up and help to solve the common issues and FAQs from the customers. It can help with 70% of the user inquiries and reply to the questions in a second.
  • – “Submit A Request” system: If you are trying to track the product order status, or encounter a swap order issue, the AI bot might not be able to help in such a case. Then you can choose to submit a request in the AI bot chat interface. By selecting the type of report and entering the detailed description, a ticket will be created and assigned to a specific group of CS representatives depending on the type of tickets. The collection of the issue description and all other necessary information saves the time of back-and-forth detail collections and shortens the problem-solving cycle.
  • – Improving beginner’s onboarding process: Among all the user inquiries, about 50% comes from new beginners who have limited knowledge about crypto and blockchain. For these users, we are making a series of tutorials and videos to teach people how to use the SafePal products including the SafePal S1 hardware wallet, SafePal software wallet, SafePal App, Safepal Swap, Binance Trading DApp, etc.
  • – Enriching the self-help content: The team has been working hard to create new content in the Knowledge Base based on the everyday product feedback and FAQs from our users. It will help users to troubleshoot common issues efficiently.
  • – Diversified and localized communities: Till now, we have built 9 local groups (Indian, African, Bangladesh, Indonesian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and Turkish) as the hubs for users from different cultures to discuss and communicate about SafePal, wallets, cryptocurrencies and blockchain. More than 25 volunteers are supporting the communities with the most basic product guidelines and common issues. You may find all of the group links from our latest weekly update.
  • – Expanding the customer support team: We fully understand that there are still a lot of inquiries that need human support. We have been continuously hiring customer support representatives to provide responsive support to the users. If you are interested in joining us and serve global users, welcome to submit your CV at career@safepal.io.

Users matter the most to SafePal. We will continue to improve the user experience not only from a product perspective but also from every detail that will impact the final user experience.

At the end of this letter, I would like to sincerely thank you for your continued support and understanding of SafePal. We will continue to improve our products and services to serve every user with the most secure and user-friendly crypto management platform. The goal always remains unchanged.

Thank you and wish you a #SAFU day.


SafePal Co-founder & CEO

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