Announcement of SFP Airdrop Round 2 Results

Dear community,

After careful calculation, we are glad to announce the final results of the SFP Airdrop Round 2.

Previous Participation Rules

A 5,500,000 SFP Token reward pool was allocated to reward all participants who have completed the Holding Challenges within the SafePal App. Anyone who completes a challenge before January 31st is able to take an exclusive share from the total reward pool. There were 16 holding challenges in total. The more challenges a user completes, the more shares he/she can take from the reward pool. 

Calculation Method

The SFP token amount each participant receives is calculated based on how many participants are sharing the pool and how many tasks the participants complete.

Calculation formula:

Each Participant’s SFP Reward = [5,500,000 / Number Of Total Shares Completed ] * Number Of Shares Completed By Each Participant

Campaign Results

  • Total Reward Pool: 5,500,000 SFP
  • Total shares completed: 90,985 shares
  • Each share = 5,500,000 / 90,085 ≈ 60.449525 SFP
  • Each Participant’s SFP Reward = 60.449525 SFP * Number Of Shares Completed By Each Participant

What’s next

  1. The SFP for each participant has been all credited to users’ SafePal wallets before UTC 23:59 February 4, 2021. Please kindly refresh your SafePal App to view the SFP balance.
  2. SFP holders from the 2 rounds of airdrop are able to unlock their SFP prior to the Binance listing. Detailed descriptions can be found here.
  3. Once the SFP goes liquid and becomes transferable prior to the Binance listing, users have to unlock and claim their SFP before August 9, 2021. After that, all the remaining locked SFP will be collected and allocated into the community airdrop token pool for future airdrops.
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