Announcement of SFP Distribution

Dear community,

The SFP Airdrop Round 2 has been fully completed yesterday. Thousands of users across the continents have participated in this crypto evolution with good faith and become a strong part of the SafePal ecosystem. We deeply appreciate all the participation and support from everyone!

Today, an exciting announcement has come from Binance that SafePal has become the first launchpad project in 2021 and SFP will be listed soon. This announcement marks a historic beginning of 2021 for SafePal and we are excited to share this special moment with all of SafePal users.

Coming next, the SFP claimed during the 2 rounds of airdrop will be distributed to users’ addresses in the following procedure.

Step 1  Round 2 SFP Reward Credit (Completed)

On February 3rd, all SFP claimed in the Holding Challenges in Round 2 have been officially credited to users’ SafePal wallets. By this step, all qualified users who have successfully completed the holding challenges will see their SFP balance in the wallet.

Step 2  Update SafePal App To V2.5.5 (Completed)

The V2.5.5 SafePal App update has been released on the SafePal website. All users will have to update the SafePal App to V2.5.5 in order to sign and complete the SFP unlock process.

Step 3  SFP Holder Pre-registration (Ongoing)

After users update the SafePal App to V2.5.5, users will need to wait until a ‘Unlock’ button is activated in the App prior to the exchange listing. Once activated, the ‘Unlock’ button can be found in the SFP token info page beside the SFP balance (see the screenshot below).

By clicking the ‘Unlock’ button and approve the unlock by using the password or Touch ID, users’ addresses will be pre-registered as valid addresses and ready for the upcoming SFP transfer (see the screenshot below). A detailed tutorial will be released here once the Unlock is activated.

Please note that the SFP will be valid for 6 months and users have to unlock and claim their SFP before August 9, 2021. After that, all the unclaimed SFP will be collected and allocated back into the community airdrop token pool for future airdrops.

When is the Unlock activated? Please stay tuned on our Twitter or Telegram for the latest update.

Step 4  SFP Auto-transfer (To be launched)

At the time when SFP is officially listed for trading on the Binance platform, SFP will be auto-transfer to the pre-registered addresses through the Binance Smart Chain. The transaction’s complete-time depends on the Binance Smart Chain network status. The gas fee of the SFP transactions will be paid by SafePal. Users don’t need to pay for the transaction fee.

Once the SFP is transferred, the TX ID for the specific SFP transaction will be displayed on the SFP token page (see the screenshot below). You can view the transaction status through the BSCScan.

At this step, users don’t need to take any action except patiently waiting for the arrival of SFP in the SafePal wallet.

Step 5  Send, Receive, and Trade SFP In SafePal (To be launched)

Once the SFP is transferred to your BSC address, you can start to send, receive and trade your SFP in the SafePal wallet!

SFP is a BEP20 token issued on the Binance Smart Chain. If you want to transfer SFP, don’t forget to deposit BPE20 BNB in the wallet as the network gas.

Wanna trade without leaving the SafePal wallet? Use the Binance Trading DApp within the SafePal App to trade frictionlessly and swiftly!


1. What happens if I don’t unlock my SFP?

Users will have to unlock and claim their SFP before August 9, 2021. After that, all the unclaimed SFP will be collected and allocated into the community airdrop token pool for future airdrops.

2. What if I forget my security password and can’t sign the SFP unlock action?

The security password in the SafePal App can be reset by re-installing the SafePal App and recovering the wallet using the seed phrase. Detailed guidelines can be found here.

3. Token allocation, SFP use cases, and other tokenomics details

For all details of the SFP tokenomics, please refer to our latest SFP whitepaper.

4. How many SFP will be distributed through the airdrops?

Please stay tuned for our update on February 3rd after the airdropped tokens are credited to users’ accounts.


SafePal Team

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