Developers’ Guide: How to optimize your DApp in the SafePal Wallet

If you are building a DApp on Ethereum, BSC or Tron, making sure your DApp can be properly accessed by decentralized wallets is one of the most important works to do. A well-built DApp integration in the wallets helps you to build a productive user acquisition funnel and get as many users as possible.

With close to 2.5 million App downloads, SafePal is one of the most popular wallets for users to secure, manage and grow their crypto assets and access DApps in a safe and friendly way. Making your DApp accessible and well-connected with the SafePal wallet is a great way to gain traction from the large and active SafePal user base. 

Fortunately, enabling your DApp in the SafePal wallet is simple and straightforward. This guide will provide you useful tips on how to optimize your DApp in the SafePal wallet as well as help make sure that users can access your DApp in the simplest way.

Once you have successfully enabled and optimized your DApp in the SafePal wallet, please feel free to reach out to the SafePal team via for more promotional opportunities. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Getting prepared

The SafePal App now supports:

  • 21 blockchains (view the full list here) and seamless connection between the DApps on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Tron. Polygon will also be supported in our V2.7.1 update soon. 
  • A Web3 browser for interacting with all the supported decentralized applications
  • An integrated interface fully optimized for mobile users

The steps to implement your DApp in the SafePal App are simple and straightforward. Please make sure each step is properly integrated so that your users get the best experience in the wallet.

Step 1  Build Web3 connection

Web3 is the most powerful tool to develop decentralized applications. To implement a DApp in the SafePal wallet, you firstly need to make sure the DApp has the most up-to-date Web3 open-source JavaScript library.

If you are building the DApp on the Ethereum network, the DApp also must be EIP1193 (Ethereum Improvement Protocol 1193) compatible, so that the wallet interoperability is improved when an API is used through JavaScript objects in the DApp.

For developers using MetaMask as the developer tool, please be reminded that MetaMask has stopped injecting the web3.js API. Make sure you’ve considered this to avoid compatibility issues between your DApp and the SafePal wallet. 

Step 2  Polish your mobile-end UI on both Android & iOS

The primary method for SafePal users to access their wallets is using either an Android or iOS device. To guarantee the best user experience, your DApp must be developed with a mobile-friendly UI/UX.

Step 3  Run thorough tests on Android and iOS

This is one of the important steps to build a smooth and friendly DApp experience in the SafePal wallet. Make sure you have tested your DApp for both Android and iOS systems. The easiest way is to open your DApp with the SafePal wallet DApp browser on both an Android and iOS device and test out all of the functionalities. If you run into issues with optimizing your DApp, don’t hesitate to file the issues by submitting a ticket here. The support team will then help or provide support for the issues as fast as they can.

Step 4  Build deep links

Turning your links into deep links is extremely helpful to compress multiple steps into one simple click when the users are trying to use your DApp, especially when mobile browsers on Android and iOS typically don’t support Web3 natively. Using deep links helps increase the conversion rate when the users try to use your DApp and it is really helpful for user acquisition. Learn more about deep links from here. 

Step 5  Submit DApp info in the SafePal DApp listing form

Once you have completed the above steps, it’s time to submit the DApp information and make your DApp available to the in-App listing. By completing the submission form, the SafePal team will evaluate the information. Once the information is approved, your DApp will be added to the DApp Store within the SafePal App so that users can easily navigate and access your DApp.

Celebrate the integration!

Congratulations! Now you’ve completed the simple steps to implement your DApp in the SafePal wallet. One last step that you don’t want to miss is to bring this great news to the community. Feel free to reach out to us at for cross-promotional opportunities.

Building a secure, friendly, and useful product is the main goal of SafePal, same for you, too. Implementing and optimizing your DApp in the SafePal wallet is beneficial to both developers and SafePal. Thank you for joining us and create a friendly wallet experience together.

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