Flare Network Spark Token Announcement

SafePal is pleased to announce the support for Flare Network and its Spark Token which will be released in December. The upcoming airdrop of Spark Tokens will be supported by SafePal and will be available to anyone that is holding XRP in self custody via their SafePal Wallets. SafePal has reached out to the team at Flare Network and will be receiving a guide for wallet integration in the coming weeks.

Spark Token is a native token to the Flare Network, which runs off the Avalanche Consensus protocol. Flare Network is a distributed network using the Ethereum virtual machine in conjunction with the Federated Byzantine Agreement. Both the network and the token have not been launched yet so please await further updates upon its arrival.

Ripple XRP can be safely and securely stored within the SafePal S1 hardware wallet as well as in the SafePal software wallet. Please stay tuned for further updates and follow us on Twitter.