‘Learn To Earn’ Quiz Contest – Learn Blockchain Knowledge & Earn $SFP

‘Learn To Earn’ is the first Blockchain quiz contest driven by the SafePal community. Through the contest, users can learn knowledge about #Blockchain, #Security, and #SafePalWallet, and earn limited rewards from SafePal.

If you are new to blockchain or some of your friends want to learn more about blockchain, welcome to join our ‘Learn To Earn’ Quiz Contest!

The First ‘Learn to Earn’ SafePal Quiz Contest will be held at 1PM UTC, 14th Jul, 2021 in the SafePal Telegram Community. Each winner will be rewarded with 50 $SFP tokens.

Who can participate?

Everyone in the SafePal Telegram Community

How to participate?

  1. There will be 30 questions prepared by the host. One question will be sent in the group chat at a time for all members to answer.
  2. Once a new question is sent to the Telegram group, everyone will have 2 mins to answer the question. The fastest member who answers the question correctly will be credited with the score of the question.
  3. At the end of the contest, the TOP5 participants with the highest score will become winners of the campaign.

Important notes:

Each member only gets one chance to answer each question. Deleted and edited answers will not be counted. If a member replies multiple times to a question, only the first answer counts.

Are you ready? Click here to join the SafePal community and get ready for the contest and don’t forget to invite your friends together!



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