Our Response To The False Security Alarm In Some Android Devices

SafePal is a multi-blockchain, decentralized cryptocurrency wallet that provides non-custodian services to users. SafePal doesn’t store, access, or control users’ private keys, recovery seeds, security passwords, or any other private information. Since SafePal was founded in 2018, nearly 2.5 million users globally have been using SafePal to secure and manage their crypto assets in their daily lives.

Recently, Tencent Mobile Security Manager has tagged a series of applications, including the SafePal App, in different categories (Sports, Blockchain, Weather, Tools, etc) as malicious Apps. As some cellphone manufacturers, such as HUAWEI, Meizu, and Samsung (in mainland China) are using the database provided by Tencent Mobile Security Manager, we have received multiple user reports about this alarm.

Please rest assured that this is a false alarm and your funds are safe. Right now SafePal is actively communicating with the Tencent Mobile Security Manager team about this case. To avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings or concerns, here are our official response:

1. Your funds are safe

Since SafePal is a decentralized wallet and doesn’t store, control, or access your private key, you are in full control of your crypto assets. Please rest assured that SafePal is not able to control or move your funds in any way. Your funds are #SAFU.

2. Do not delete the SafePal App if you didn’t back up the recovery seed

When you are using a decentralized wallet like SafePal, your private key and recovery seed are stored in your own device. Once the SafePal App is deleted, the wallet data stored in the local environment will be erased as well. This could lead to permanent asset loss. So please do not delete the SafePal App due to the false alarm if you didn’t back up your recovery seed. Always make sure that you have backed up the recovery seed and store it in secure locations in any case.

Appreciate your attention. We will keep the community posted when there is an update anytime.


SafePal Team

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