QTUM is LIVE on SafePal! Airdrop inside!

Dear friends,

We are glad to announce that SafePal has now officially supported Qtum in the latest V1.0.17 update!

From today, the user can enjoy managing their QTUM on SafePal securely and easily, protecting their assets on the blockchain.

SafePal is glad to join the Qtum ecosystem and safe-guard all the assets issued and created on Qtum blockchain.

Airdrop: buy a SafePal to win $10 QTUM

Till this point, SafePal S1 has supported 19 blockchains, 19 coins, and 10000+ tokens! There are more top currencies to come soon!

Welcome to upgrade your SafePal S1 hardware wallets and on-board your QTUM assets. (Check here for the firmware upgrade guidelines.)

【About Qtum】
Qtum is an open-sourced public blockchain platform, leveraging the security of UTXO while enabling multiple virtual machines including EVM and the revolutionary x86 VM. Qtum is PoS based and boasts a Decentralized Governance Protocol (DGP) allowing specific blockchain settings to be modified by making use of smart contracts. For instance, the block size of Qtum can be increased without the need for a hard fork.

【About SafePal】
 SafePal is a cryptocurrency hardware wallet that aims to provide a secure, simple, and enjoyable crypto management solution for the masses. SafePal is operated by a group of experts with 15+ years of experience in hardware, software, and cyber security, and is the first hardware wallet invested by Binance.