SafePal Weekly Update (Week 2, May 2021) 

Dear community,

This week is a #BUIDL week since the whole team has been gearing up to deliver new products and features. We didn’t launch new marketing campaigns this week because the team has been actively preparing for the next big movement in the coming weeks. Stay tuned! Here we’d like to quote CZ’s tweet about building and delivering, which is exactly what we want to say! Let’s go for more building and less shilling.

Hope you enjoy this week’s easy and simple updates. Cheers everyone~❤️❤️🍻🍻

1. New hardware wallet arrival: Orders before May 13th will be sent out soon

We’d like to sincerely thank every customer for your patience and support in the last several months, we are delighted to update you that a new batch of S1 hardware wallets will be ready for shipment in the coming week, hence all the S1 hardware wallet orders placed from March 4th to May 13th(including May 13th) will be gradually shipped from May 25th to June 6th. Since the order amount is very big, it might take us 7-14 days to gradually sent the packages out. We will do our best to send the packages as soon as possible.

Please note that orders placed after May 14th(including May 14th) will be shipped in early July. The concrete timeline will be updated later once we get any update from the production team. Appreciate your understandings!

2. New version update coming soon

We have been keeping a steady and agile product iteration pace throughout the last 3 years. Each month 2-3 updates will be released on average to make sure our user experience always keeps up with the latest user demand. Following the last V2.5.10 update three weeks ago, a new App version will be rolled out in the coming 7-10 days(pending on the final testing results).

Here is a glimpse of the new features in the next version:

  • – Face ID implementation
  • – Custom derivative paths during wallet recovery
  • – Switching nodes within the DApp interface
  • – Application lock to protect the App when not activated or a period of time
  • – Auto new-version-detect feature to keep you updated with the latest update
  • – UX improvements in the Binance Trading DApp withdrawal and maintenance interfaces

Welcome to stay tuned on our Twitter and Telegram for the latest version release update!

3. Customer support tickets are gradually being taken care of. Let us know if you didn’t get a response in time!

Following last week’s update about customer support, the whole marketing and operational teams have been all-in to the customer support work, trying to provide as responsive and useful as possible support to the users. We know that you have been waiting for a proper reply and we are doing our best to answer your questions and inquiries. If you don’t receive a reply for a long time, please tag our support twitter @SafePal_Support with your ticket ID, and we will surely respond as fast as we can.

Thank you for your understanding. We deeply appreciate it.

Hope you enjoy this week’s update. More doing than saying. Our biggest joy is to build what people need and use in the crypto daily life. Hope your crypto assets stay #SAFU everyday.


SafePal Team

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