[Tutorial] Join SFP Lottery And Win Free SafePal Hardware Wallet

SFP Lottery is a gaming DApp built in the SafePal App for users to win limited rewards using SFP tokens. Following is a detailed tutorial on how to participate in the SFP lottery. Hope you enjoy it!

Step 1  Download And Set Up The SafePal App

Download the latest version of the SafePal App from the SafePal download page. Set up the App settings including security password, login pattern, etc.

Step 2  Create A SafePal Software Wallet

Create and set up a SafePal Software Wallet by following the instructions via this link. Don’t forget to keep your seed phrase in the secure locations!

Step 3  Enter ‘SFP Lottery’ Dapp

Head over to the ‘DApps’ tab, click the ‘SFP Lottery’ Dapp. Then you can see the latest lottery pool in the SFP Lottery. Make sure you have claimed enough SFP tokens to participate in the SFP lottery. Read how to claim SFP tokens from here.

Step 4  Spend SFP And Join SFP Lottery

Select the lottery pool that you wish to participate, and buy lottery tickets using SFP tokens.

Step 5  Wait For Your Lucky Draw!

The SafePal Hardware Wallet lottery pool will be drawn and opened when the jackpot reaches the limit. Wait for a few moments until the reward is drawn, and see if you are lucky!

Step 6  Claim Your Reward

If you have won the lottery, congratulations! Don’t forget to click ‘Claim the reward now’ and claim your reward by following the instructions.

Important Tips

  1. Once SFP is spent, it may not be returned.
  2. The reward will be drawn once the jackpot reaches the limit. Winners shall click ‘Claim’ within 72 hours of the draw and claim the rewards by following the instructions.
  3. SafePal reserves the right to cancel or amend the activity or activity rules at our sole discretion.

How is the lottery drawn?

To ensure the fairness of the lottery, after a user purchases the last ticket (the time of purchasing is T1), the system will automatically locate the first block generated after T1 on the Binance Smart Chain(BSC). Based on the hash value of this block, a winner number will be calculated through the following formula:

⌊Hash ÷ number of reward pool⌋ %  total tikcts + 1

How do I view my winning record?

Your record can be view in ‘My Record’ of the lottery page.

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