Vote and add your favorite coin in SafePal wallet

Dear user,

Being a company that aims to disrupt and improve current blockchain user experience, we have always put users’ interests at the highest priority. In the near future, currency support will always be the top focus of SafePal dev team, and thank all our users for being generous to share valuable opinions and feedback of the product features.

To better serve the interests of our users and community, we are launching a token listing mechanism, enabling all users to propose their favorite coins. Starting from today, all crypto users, including SafePal users and other users, can propose their favorite coin/token in the SafePal open survey. On the first day of each month, the top 1-2 currencies proposed by most users will be added in the next batch of SafePal currency integration.

The record of the proposals will be open and transparent. Please be noted that all participants should propose based on  “one person, one ticket” principle. Whoever SafePal deemed “brush ticket” behavior, vote and qualification will be canceled.

SafePal is built for all crypto users, and YOU are the person who decides which token/coin to add in the SafePal hardware wallet. Join us and pick your favorite coin, make it happen in SafePal.

For any improvement you think is needed, reach out to us via Telegram or email. We would love to hear any feedback from you.

Thank you.

Best regards,

SafePal Team