We’re moving to Discord

Dear, community

SafePal is moving the online communities from Telegram to Discord for better community engagement and more responsive communications.  From December 10, the old Telegram groups have been disabled officially and the team has stopped supporting Telegram groups and switched to Discord in full scale. 

Why Discord is better for the communities:

  1. The ‘All Chats in One Server“ layout of Discord makes it easy for users to browse, search and join different discussions
  2. Powerful robot functions are great to build up more efficient and functional services for the community
  3. Discord roles give members a unique way to stand out from others and easy for everyone to recognize each other for more efficient communications 

Introducing Here is an introductory guide to our new Discord home.

  • Please read through the rules at channel #📜︱rules-and-info
  • #👑︱hardware-wallet-core-discussion channel is an invite-only channel for hardware wallet users only the place for us to discuss S1-related questions. 
  • The English only discussion channel is #「✨」general-discussion-area
  • Also, you can find many different language channels for discussion
  • Please report any bug you found in the channel #🧰︱bugs-report
  • #📞︱scammer-report is the channel to report the scammer
  • And, we are warmly welcome you to show your own S1 picture here at the channel #📸︱show-your-s1

Don’t forget to follow the #annoucement channel to receive the latest news from SafePal. 

How to join the new SafePal Discord server as a software wallet user or guest?

Step 1:  Click https://discord.gg/BuKynZqRNj

Step 2:  Verify yourself in the new SafePal Discord server. 

Step 3:  Once you join you will be assigned as a software wallet user so that you can view and send messages in most of the channels. 

How can I join the SafePal Discord server as a hardware wallet user? 

We have migrated the invite-only hardware wallet user group to the Discord private channel as well. Follow these steps if you are a hardware wallet user:

Step 1:  Pair (or re-pair) your hardware wallet to the APP

Step 2:  Once you pair the S1 device with the App, you will see a pop-up invite link to the new Discord server

Step 3:  Click open the link to verify your identity and then join the Server

Step 4:  Once you join you will be assigned as a hardware wallet user so that you can view and send messages in the hardware wallet user channel  

Security Reminder

  • Since scammers are everywhere, including in Discord, please protect yourself as you did in Telegram. 
  • SafePal admins will NEVER DM you first
  • If there is anyone direct messaging you offering SafePal product support, report it as a scammer in the   #🧰︱bugs-report channel
  • Always verify and do your own research when you see an uncredited SafePal marketing campaign
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