The SafePal x MoonPot POTS Wallet Holder Offering Results

Dear SafePal Community,

As we have just completed our 3rd SafePal Wallet Holder Offering (WHO), we have calculated valuable user feedback & experiences. The SafePal Wallet Holder Offering (WHO) with our 3rd partner MoonPot had been extremely successful even during a depressed market, participants once again showed their love and support by the thousands. Continuing the new whitelist method of 20,000 users, the turnout for the event was amazing as users filled out the whitelist in under 4 days. The community came out in mass to learn more about MoonPot as the hard cap limit of 20,000 users each having to hold 300 $SFP tokens or have a paired SafePal S1 Hardware Wallet in order to pass the whitelist requirements.

Congratulations to everyone that participated in this amazing event, we hoped that you were able to learn more about MoonPot as its innovative design over the existing DeFi lottery solution of a no-loss lottery system. The $POTS airdrop rewards, as we have carefully calculated the final results of the SafePal x MoonPot Wallet Holder Offering (WHO). 

Previous Participation Rules

1,000,000 POTS Token reward pool was allocated to reward all participants who have participated in the SafePal x MoonPot Wallet Holder Offering (WHO) within the SafePal App. Any whitelist-approved users that completed the trading challenge before the July 25th, 2021 deadline is able to take an exclusive share from the total reward pool. There were 4 tasks in total. The more tasks a user completes, the more shares he/she can take from the reward pool. The final CAKE task is mandatory just like in previous Wallet Holder Offering campaigns. In order to receive rewards from the other 3 tasks such as Twitter, telegram, and referral tasks the final task has to be completed.


Each Participant’s POTS Reward = [1,000,000 POTS / Number Of Total Tasks Completed ] * Number Of Tasks Completed By Each Participant


1. Total Shares Completed: 46167.2 shares

2. Reward Per Share = 1,000,000 POTS /46167.2 Shares = 21.66 POTS Tokens Per Share

What’s Next

  1. MoonPot POTS Token Listing (Not Yet Confirmed)
  2. POTS will be distributed to users after it has been listed on the exchange by the MoonPot Team (No Confirmed Date Yet)

Thank you to everyone for participating in the SafePal Wallet Holder Offering, we would also like to thank MoonPot for being a Wallet Holder Offering (WHO) Partner. This was an amazing campaign for SFP holders & WHO supporters. The SafePal team truly appreciates everyone’s support and we look forward to improving as well as making the Wallet Holder Offering a better utility for everyone. With each Wallet Holder Offering (WHO) campaign we have learned much & will continue to evolve the feature to improve SafePal SFP supporter’s experience.

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